Widgets, Banners and Penalties

Explanation of a "Widget", for example the old favourite of days gone by the hit counter which will have a link back to the download source, so let's now apply this to the escort industry.

Probably where you are going to see these 'widgets" most is on blogs, especially a standard Wordpress install, or where someone has gone wild and downloaded a series of plugins. They tend to sit down the side and pull pieces of information either out of the system or from an exterior source. OK in principle they look nice or even bring a small bit of value (in terms of information) to the site, however be careful, if they are adding irrelevant links to your site Google will not be happy.

Now Google has a policy of only really liking what it refers to as "naturally placed" links, others are considered a violation of Googles Webmaster Guidelines. Violate those and you could be looking at a penalty. So what constitutes a naturally placed link? In simple terms it is one in context, as part of a larger body of text, relevant to the page and "on subject". For example if this post linked back to Googles Webmaster Guidelines (oops just did) that's considered a relevant in context link. If I stuck an advert for Viagra here for no good reason that would not be considered relevant

Look at what exactly is on your site if it's not relevant remove it.
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Worse yet if I stuck a few spammy old escort directory banners on the page I would be asking for a penalty, yet how many escorts and agencies through ignorance or pressure from the directories do just that!! I have said this many times before, traditional escort directories are slowly dying, they have lost their Google ranking, failed to adapt to modern SEO guidelines and best practices and just continue to do what they have been doing as if it was still the 90's.

So be careful, look at what exactly is on your site if it's not relevant remove it, or at the very least add a "nofollow" attribute to any banners or irrelevant widgets. If Google does issue your site a penalty, it could hurt your business, it will not hurt the spammy link provider who pushed it on you in the first place.