Why Google will blacklist you

If you’re unfamiliar with the term keyword stuffing means using a keyword over and over again in your content in the hopes that it will get you a better ranking. For example, let’s say you want to rank for  mature Escort, This is what keyword stuffing would look like

Mature Escorts are so experienced I am going to teach you how good Mature Escorts are  and why  Mature Escorts are the  best you have ever met.  Mature Escorts make  a special effort for her clients.  

The whole article blog post would continue like that, using the keyword  Mature Escort dozens or even hundreds of times. Never mind the language is so unnatural it’s almost unreadable. It’s optimised. It’s also dumb.

Never mind the language is so unnatural it’s almost unreadable It’s optimised. It’s also dumb.​
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Here’s why:

Keyword density is only a tiny part of Google’s algorithm. Nobody knows for sure how much, but from what I’ve seen, I would guess it’s less than 5%. Next to the more important factors like domain authority and trusted links, it’s almost completely irrelevant  and if you take it too far, it can hurt you.

Google’s top concern is the user experience. If all the articles people find are stuffed with keywords, no one will want to read them, and everyone will stop using Google to search the web. They’ll never allow it, and some SEO experts believe they actively penalise it.

My advice?   
Don’t think about keywords at all for the first year of your blog. Just focus on publishing jaw dropping content  Then, once your blog has some authority, go back and tweak the keywords in your most popular posts without making them sound even the slightest bit unnatural. Yes, you might lose some opportunities, but your chances of building an authority site are much, much higher. Trust me.The days of over stuffing are over.  

Google frowns on duplicate content but that is another story for next month 

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