Testing AMP

However we have decided to run a few tests on our premier 69Design domain to check exactly how it impacts on mobile search rankings.

First let’s look at the plus side of AMP. Well as a subset of HTML it should be relatively easy to recreate basic pages in the new format. There are some issues, some tags and code are not allowed, and it requires some hoop jumping to meet Googles requirements. At present Google states there is no obvious ranking advantage in creating AMP versions of pages but this is disputed by some who have seen positive results, so this seems easy, create an AMP version of the site, leap to the top of Mobile Google, easy yes?

No, Google will require your AMP page to have “.amp” added to your page address, a separate page on your site, with its own (Googles) URL. Try to share links or find the original page and it becomes a mess. People claim this is Googles attempt to create a lock in, the way Facebook does, use Facebook never leave Facebook, use AMP never leave Google.

Now at present I have no idea if any of this is relevant, true works or even matters, we have the time this week to test this out so that is the plan. An AMP version of the 69Design front page should appear this week, and we will publish the findings in a while. Meanwhile bring on the AMP (at least temporarily).