Some Google facts you may not know

1. There are over 1.4 billion websites with 140,000 more added every day. That’s a lot of URLs. It’s why Google handles 5.5 billion searches a day, and why so many of those searches return millions of results.

2. Google is not just about algorithms, it actually uses humans to rate sites based on certain criteria and their conclusions may just influence the final ranking results

3. Google can recognise "gibberish" on a page and that includes pages (over) stuffed with keywords for the sake of it, and Google is getting cleverer all the time. Many times we have had to try and dissuade people from adding massive badly written tracts of text stuffed with keywords because someone has told them this is good practice. It most definitely is not.

4. The words contained under a main heading on a page are all considered to be equal distance away from that main heading. All of the words on a page are considered to be equal distance away from the title to that page. So, a page that is titled “London Escort” which has the word “ebony” on that page is considered to be relevant for the phrase “London Ebony escort.”

5. Google likes an "authoritative site", that is one its algorithms have decided includes trusted, reliable or accurate content. These authoratitive sites usually do not have content for the sake of it, or spammy adverts, and I am going to include banners here, which while largely vanished from the internet in general seem to still be thriving with escort directories.

The take away from this is that be warned, banners may actually prevent your site from gaining Google's approval just because some ill informed escort directory is still insisting you act like its 1999.

So, remember Google is constantly evolving, what may have been fine five years ago could get you penalised now, and what your doing now could get you penalised in 2 years time! If your feeling overwhelmed we will always be happy to advise or assist, the escort business can be a lonely one and for SEO you can turn to us at any time.

Richard & Mandy