Social media features you may have missed

Firstly, how can we apply some of these to the escort industry? Well Google+ (Googles attempt to knock Facebook of its perch) is not escort friendly, if you have an account be prepared for it to be shut down by the morality brigade, so perhaps best to ignore that one.

let's then concentrate on the ones who are happy with the sort of content we need to post.
Tweet This

Twitter has a little used, at least in this industry, feature called "favourites". You can easily favourite a tweet by clicking on the star icon which I think is universal across all twitter clients or on Twitter itself. This can be used in a number ways, but one of the best is to share favourites with your followers. Find something you like, favourite it and then share it. This also builds up a pool of content for future use in blog posts for example.

Facebook has something similar, their interests lists. Here for example things that might interest not just you but also your potential clients, sexy underwear companies, designers, adult toy suppliers. You never know you might even have a generous client look at your interests and buy a present :-).

Linkedin the business networking site also has a fair few escorts and agencies on there. By searching for content that interests you, you can explore other escort listings, and potentially expand your visibility to prospective clients.