Social Media Buttons No!

Yes escorts often spend their time involved in a form of seduction, but often can be easily seduced themselves by the promise of Twitter "retweets" or Facebook likes. The dreaded Facebook like, and Twitter follow button can be bad and here is why.

Firstly I suppose I had better say I really do not like these buttons at all any more, but that's by the by. Firstly they distract from what is the purpose of the site, ie to promote your business, often they do not fit in with the site design and clutter the page taking the readers attention away form what is important.. YOU.

Let's be clear, no one arrives on your site with the intention of following you on Twitter or Facebook...
Tweet This

Most importantly though they simply do not work, the visitor needs to be logged in to the relevant social media network or clicking the button takes them to a login page. At that point you have lost them to your site, and possibly lost a potential client. Share buttons, as they have become known do little to encourage people to stay on your site, in fact they actively encourage them to leave!

I am certainly not saying do not add social media buttons, this site has links on the bottom of each page, but they are unobtrusive and are simple links, not javascript generated code supplied by the sites. Ideally social media should be driving people to your site, not your site driving clients away to social media with all the distractions it offers.