So what's the point of my escort web site?

An escort web site is not a "vanity" project, it's something you have spent money on, maybe had professional photos for and hopefully even taken care to get the SEO signals right. It's to produce business, simple, and therefore to some extent business principles can be applied.

Firstly the obvious bits, the text, focus on drawing the reader in, and never loose sight of what your trying to achieve, flowery off topic prose is all very pretty but you are really trying to do one thing, make a sale. This can be done many ways by informing, entertaining, stimulating or even simply asking, but every word or phrase should be written with this one concept in mind. You want the reader to call or e-mail to arrange a booking.

Next, the "call to action" (for example the tweet this button below). Every page should make sure you steer the reader towards the desired outcome, the call or e-mail. Look at adding a specific message prominently to each page, either as a statement, such as "To discover more about me why not call me today." This for example could be added to a profile page, and nudges the reader to just go that extra step

The more you engage the more chance of establishing relationships which lead to bookings.
Tweet This

Another example, on a blog add comments, ask questions, engage the reader and encourage participation. The more you engage the more chance of establishing relationships which lead to bookings.

You can also perhaps instead add a "Contact Me" button to each page, and not just in the navigation, prominent visual signals like this prompt the reader into action, and this works just as well on the profile pages on agencies or parlours as it does on an independent escort site. For example we have a mailing list sign up at the bottom of every page.

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