SEO Experts do not make promises

The escort industry is particularly vulnerable here to bad practice. Are you really going to take legal action against false promises, bad practice or worse ignorance? No of course not, and that plays into the hands of those with a little knowledge or bad intentions. Good SEO will produce results, like any business expense you need a return on investment made (ROI).

SEO is not a tool, it's a process. It involves analysis, strategy, planning and optimisation
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SEO is not a tool, it's a process. It involves analysis, strategy, planning and optimisation across many different "channels" from your site code, to your page content to your social media strategy, your blog etc.

So, here are some key points to look out for when you receive the inevitable e-mail or phone call offering SEO services.

Warning signs to look out for

  • Old fashioned tactics, just because it worked in 2010 does not mean it will work in 2015.
  • It's a hobby. To do this properly you need resources, software, knowledge, skill sets and time. You need to be professional, commited and have the resources to provide the service.
  • Pushy: Good SEO businesses rarely if ever need to prospect for business, if they are pushing you to do business ask yourself why they need you so badly?
  • Unrealistic short term "guarantees". Simple, there are no such things. Long term sustainable solutions take time. If something seems to good to be true, likely it is.

Good things:

A lot of this is simple common sense but it's very easy to get caught up in the moment or the hype.

  • References, testimonials, recommendations. Check them, is the reference from someone you know or heard of in the industry? If unsure contact them directly.
  • Realistic. They make realistic, easy to understand recommendations, set goals in conjunction with your agreed objectives.
  • Price. Firstly they give you a price. Ensure you know what your paying for, what you will get and what the parameters are. A good agency will document all this, and agree a payment schedule.
  • Practical measurements. A good agency will send you regular reports measuring progress and be able to provide example reports.