Routine SEO tasks

Well the answer is pretty simple, the information is already out there, we just try to collect what we think may be relevant and then post it here with an “escort” slant. The main problem we have is information overload, and the inclination to write blog posts here, something I often put off.

So, on to the next part, things you should look at regularly. If you’re really committed to good rankings, and we appreciate not everyone has the time, inclination or interest, but for those of you who have make sure you have Google analytics linked to your site. This will give you access to the Google search console. This can give you huge amounts of technical data but also an overview where glaring errors can be spotted.

Make sure you have a sitemap. This is the page on your site which gives Google the site structure and pages. Full details of indexed pages are in the search console, check that all your pages are being indexed.

Mainly in the search console look for spikes in the graphs, and try to find out what is causing them, downward spikes can often pinpoint a problem which needs fixing.

Review your page speed, again details are in the search console, the slower the load, the greater the potential for ranking issues. Google likes fast loading sites, and popular CMS’s like Wordpress inject a huge amount of code into the page, make sure your designer/developer has optimised the pages and knows what the CMS is adding to the page and why. Likewise make sure images are optimised, resized, and as small a file size as practical, nothing slows a page down like heavy un optimised images.

Check any links on your site, while our position on the spammy banner philosophies from the 1990’s that still exist in the escort industry has been stated many times, many sites still have banners. If you just have them make sure they still link to a site or page that exists. Broken links is another major ranking factor and sites come and go so this is worth checking.

Of course there are many other things to check, but a simple half hour spent every couple of weeks will keep your site current and help you to identify issues when they arise not months after. Any good designer/developer can and should optimise your site, if you’re unsure contact us we will be happy to advise.