It's important sometimes to look beyond the obvious when planning your SEO strategy, which in simple terms means finding keywords beyond the obvious "escort in place" or "place escort agency". While these are important thy will be the target of every other competitor in the area, so why not be a bit cleverer?

There are a number of free tools to help you with this, whowever most when dealing with Google will fail when looking at the escort business, so here are some ideas.

  1. Ask your clients, what they have or would use, most will be happy to help.
  2. Look at other phrases, courtesan, companion, massage, are all related terms, targeting them on certain pages will spread your visibility across other searches.
  3. Look at your competitors, there is a saying "do not reinvent the wheel" and while copying is not good, analysing what they are doing (right) and adapting that is not a bad strategy.
  4. Review regularly, are the keywords working, are they producing results both in search and in actual new clients.

Don't forget to follow this strategy across social media, forum posts and adverts as well as your site. Consistency is the key as well as determination.

Good luck and we are here to help of course.