Play Nice with Google

As we already know, Google hates bad content, and it particularly enjoys plucking low quality websites from prominent rankings. However, what exactly does Google these days consider as bad content?

  1. The content of the page should be relevant, and provide "value". If your providing an escort biography make sure it is complete, relevant and on topic.
  2. Shallow content. Hot Hot Hot is longer content, while this is not easy to achieve on small sites, this really is where your blog can shine, use it to write longer text, and make sure as always it is on topic at least most of the time. Don't forget he keywords of course.
  3. Duplicate Content. Cutting and pasting may be easy but it's a sure fire way to loose respect from Google.
  4. Keyword stuffing: Mention keywords but don't be silly. We have seen some horrendous examples in the past which while written to seduce Google (before it clamped down on this) was laughable to read.
Google will actually pick you up on bad spelling and grammar!
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Basically, if you have not gone through your site for sometime, now would be a good time. What was good content when you wrote it might not be good content today.

In any review make sure your writing on topic, for the reader but with an eye on what Google wants. That way you create content your clients will love and so will Google