Out with the old etc.

You and your titles need to change

How long have you been writing blogs  If it’s been more than a couple of months or more chances are things have changed and so have you  Spring clean your content,  Check through previous blogs could the titles be more exciting or eye catching. Does it use my SEO keyword Is there perhaps a better keyword search term I could use for this blog.  Think about it, and adjust as you think fit. It might be the missing key to higher readers and rankings.

Three easy peasy SEO4Escorts tips for the New Year that could have your rankings reaching dizzy heights..
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Are Your Image Alt-Tags Looking sad and forlorn

Without alt-tags, your content images will be looking pretty dull and no one likes dull.  Give your images some love and let people find them by remembering to fill in your alt-tag captions.  For example, if you’re writing a blog about  Stockings and Suspenders be sure to place your keywords  stockings and suspenders into the alt-tag box. You should always aim for descriptive words that will help search engines find your image and direct people to your blog.

Anchors away  place that Text Correctly

If or When you hyperlink to another page, do you think about your use of anchor text, or are you a click here  person, well I have  news for you, while it might make sense to tell your clients to click here to keep reading it’s not much use to search engines. Call them pinickity but they need a description on what you’re linking to. For example, if you’re linking to another article you wrote  about the adult New Years Party then make sure you include that in your anchor text.  Click here to  Read about my Adult New Years party  is helpful. Click here, is not.

Thats it for improving your Escort SEO rankings for now.  Good luck