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I remember many years ago in a previous (work) life attending a talk from a respected industry leader. Now typically these talks are designed to inspire, motivate and inform, If you have ever worked in the real world I guess you know the type. However this one started a bit differently, and this was the basics of it.

“Hi and welcome, this evening I am going to tell you all my secrets, how I grew a successful practice, and how I market it and consistently find new high quality clients.”

WooHoo! a guaranteed route to success I thought and I actually woke up
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WooHoo! a guaranteed route to success I thought and I actually woke up and started to pay attention (I was being paid to attend), however he went on.

“So why am I prepared to give away my secrets? Simple, you will leave here tonight fired up and determined to change your life and work practices. Tomorrow morning you will go back to doing what you have always done, no change, no progress, no nothing!”

You know what he was right, although at least the story always stuck.

So, in the spirit of the above here is what we research, read, look at, follow on Twitter, check the news feeds of and anything else you can think of.

Now, if your prepared to put the effort in, and do the same, you can pick up a lot of knowledge, and use it. The skill is of course using it well, and hopefully we may inspire some of you to actually work on SEO. For the others of you, if at least you feel you need help, remember our “shameless plug” below. We are happy to talk to you.