How to post on Facebook

So, here is some recent research on what actually seems to work best on Facebook, and in a minute I will explain how to apply this to your Facebook page.

  • Make it a link, to relevant content, a page on your site something. Facebooks' own data suggest these even out perform pictures.
  • Keep it short, Twitter gives you 140, on Facebook 40 characters received the most clicks.
  • Schedule for low times: 5pm to 1am stand more chance or being around longer in peoples timelines and therefore read.
  • Be consistent. Post at least once a day creates expectations and consistent quality posts worth clicking on or sharing.
Escorts if you have a twitter account you can cross post, posts on one appearing on the other
Tweet This

Of course if you have a twitter account you can cross post, posts on one appearing on the other. This type of integration maximises your reach while minimising your effort. In Lord of the Rings speak, "One post to rule them all".

So, now to apply this to our beloved industry. Firstly the links thing, link to a blog post, a review, a page on your site, even a forum thread, but make sure the content in the case of forums or a review is not behind a members only wall or it will not show up. As to keeping it short, thats pretty easy, a brief subject description will usually do.

Lastly, make sure you post regularly, if you can not do it every day schedule a couple of posts in advance. That way the content keeps flowing.

I hope the above gives you some food for thought. As always stay safe and be busy. We are here to help if you need support, advice or professional help with your SEO and Social Media.

Mandy x