In short, if you want people to hang around your site and make a booking, it has to load quickly. If not, people have no hesitation in leaving to perhaps visit one of your competitors.

Google thinks site speed is important. Some would even go as far to say that Google has a bit of an obsession with how quickly a page loads. However it should be noted that page speed is one of 200 or so signals Google uses to determine rank

The faster a page loads, the more satisfied your visitors will be, even before they come and see you.
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What Causes Your Page to Load Slowly?

Unoptimised images: ensure all your images have been reduced down to a sensible pixel size, currently in our opinion no more than 800 pixels on the widest side and are in jpg format. Other formats such as .png are usually mch larger and should be used sparingly.

Widgets: the much loved twitter feed or facebook like buttons on blog posts have a huge overhead, and it has been shown have little real impact on visitors. If you want to have these call the twitter feed in via coding and display it as actual text, twitters own is wrapped in javascript and in unreadable by search engines craling your site. The same applies to sharing and like button buttons provided by social sites.

Lots of banner ads: wrong these days for so many reasons, beloved of escort directories they slow down loading time. It only takes that one slow-loading ad to cause visitors to flee, apart of course from the horrendous negative SEO apsect of this form of link exchanging.

Flash and other browser plugins: Hopefully no one anymore builds sites in flash and similar plugins, they do not play nice with smartphones or tablets and even major desktop browsers are moving away from supporting them by default.

Bad code: is your site written as well as it could, is it using a bulky and badly coded CMS which calls in numerous sometimes badly written plugins? Today simplicity is the key as well as optimising all aspects of your site from code to adverts. Ensure javascript is loaded last where possible and style sheets and javascript files are all minified (stripped of whitespace to reduce file size) to lower load time.

Site speed remains a big deal: it remains one of the factors used by Google to determine your site’s ranking. It’s also important because the faster a page loads, the more satisfied your visitors will be, even before they come and see you.