Get your blog noticed

Include keywords you think potential clients may be searching for, both in the title and in the actual post, but do not overdo it, search engines really do not like keyword stuffing and it often reads very badly.

Consider using some key phrases which may be a bit more unusual. For example "London escort" is going to be used by every agency and escort out there, but "Chelsea escort for in calls" may be far easier to rank for and something a client may actually search for.

Create a "source" if your an escort who specialises in a particular service then write about it, look at escort related forums and boards and look at what is being asked. Writing about it (if it's relevant to you) will mark you out as an "expert" and potentially people will add links back to your site.

Make sure you remember the basic stuff, ensure your post has a good title, description meta tag and that any images have "alt texts". Sometimes the mundane things get forgotten, and they do count!

Don't just write your blog, let people know, post about it...
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Don't just write your blog, let people know, post about it on forums, boards and social media, and most importantly add a link to it. You spent time writing it, now go and shout about it.

Write consistently, which means regularly and on topic. Writing regularly is hard, I am having to train myself to do this and you will as well, but it pays off. Also stick to your subject, the occasional off topic post is fine but remember why your writing the blog in the first place, hopefully it's among other things to get you noticed where you need to be. Personality in posts are important but so is the other SEO stuff.

Don't expect quick easy results, as a rule of thumb anything that is too easy will probably not last. Good quality ranking comes from long term consistent growth, overnight results usually last just that, overnight!