Communicate and empower

Communication is also changing, initially we told stories round fires, passed them on and everyone was equal, although of course some told better or taller stories than others. Then came the broadcasters, using print and then radio and television to get their messages across, drowning out the small story teller with corporate budgets. The broadcasters ideas ruled, pushing their ideas out to the many who consumed them.

Every escort now has the ability to get their story out there.
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Now we have entered another phase, similar to the first. Instead of camp fires we have smart phones, tablets etc but again everyone now has the ability to get their story out there.

In the escort industry on the net directories and agencies initially dominated. They had the budget and resources to be "broadcasters". Blogs were the preserve of those with a budget, directories controlled what potential clients looked at, or even if they allowed you to be on them, let alone how you were presented there.

Now things have changed, social media allows you to communicate directly with anyone and everyone. Blogs are easy to set up on your own web site, allowing you to build a personality and get your ideas across, as well of course picking up the SEO benefits of good quality content

It's no longer the survival of the richest, rather the survival of the fittest.
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Produce the best content and it will shared and picked up by others. Produce witty and interesting blog posts, they will be read, linked to and shared on Twitter and Facebook. Now the industry decides, not those with the directories or deep pockets. Now more than any time previously the small independent escort, agency or parlour can go it alone, so embrace the new era, communicate, reach out to your peers and potential clients, it's there for the taking!