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The invisible part of the web page is important, we tell you what the search engines look for and how to optimise these important tags.

The trials of titles


This post we want to deal with one of the most important elements on the page, the "Title Tag" ie the bit which is hidden in the page header code and displays at the top of the browser window or in the browser tab.

Out with the old etc.


Looking for some kick Arse SEO results? (who wouldn’t be)  already huffing and puffing  at the thought of all the hard work to come its not really as hard as you think  just a few tweaks here and there. 

Escort SEO cheatsheet


A nice simple on this week, thanks to the generosity of Moz.com we have a simplified version of their comprehensive downloadable cheat sheet. Designed to provide the basic info you need to succeed

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