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So, how does this work? Well Google has recently confirmed that it does consider amongst a lot more, social media popularity, and within that whether a site, or blog article is simply a one hit wonder, or actually authoratitive, ie people turn to it for information. in simple terms, it’s a case of popularity versus reputation, and Google can to some extent calculate this in its rankings.

OK I need a “reputation” in the escort industry. Sorry but your going to have to earn one. Google gives a lot away, e-mail, calendars, even an office suite, but it is not going to give away rankings. Reputation can come in many forms, but as always the key is the content on your site and its quality. Google is going to try more and more to determine between the site simply being popular and the site being a topic authority so start planning now.

For those of you who had not worked it out, this is a deliberate example of an authorative post
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Firstly make sure that your text is as good as it can be, as focussed as it can be and as informative as it can be. Spammy continued keyword stuffing is going to have the reverse effect. (example us throwing “escort web design” in here 10 times for no good reason).

Secondly, update your content regularly, this is probably done best by regular, relevant and interesting blog posts. Things that people actually want to read and which hopefully people will link to from other sites. Good interesting content brings people back and back again. So, in answer to the classic escort/client question “yes you can come (back to my site) more than once”.

Thirdly, try to get “organic” links back to articles you have written or pages on your site. Not the spammy banner thing, or a forum post saying “read my latest attempt to fix seo” type link, but recommendations or links within articles from other related sites. To demonstrate, if you look at our standard disclaimer on each site we have now added a link to two supportive and well done directories. Not as a banner, but as part of a coherent and logical sentence.

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Our site are now all written using responsive grid systems which means that they adapt to the medium being viewed on, be it smartphone, tablet or wide screen monitor

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