Analysing the situation

Now why am I mentioning this? Simple really we have a new product available for our clients through 69Design which I wanted to highlight. on a more general level if your going to expend energy and money on running your business it would pay you to know where the clients are finding you.

So without further ado I am please to announce 69Design analytics
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So without further ado I am please to announce if your a 69Design client, and if not why not, we have a new service allowing you to see exactly where your clients are coming from, what they are looking at, and where they are from, and a lot more, and all in real time with your own private dashboard which you can edit to suit the information you actually want.

We introduced this after one of our valued clients wanted to see US location information for tour requests as part of her vetting process (they are big on vetting over there) and simply Google analytics while free did not give either real time information or a friendly interface which the average user could easily understand, and Google does collect a lot of information on  your on-line activity in any of its free services.

So there you have it, at the very base level make sure you have at least some idea where your business is coming from, plus keep a record! For a more complete overview trade up to an easy to sue analytics package and of course a top website from 69Design, but of course I would say that :)